An Overview of General Electric

December 3, 2008


General Electric, also known as GE, is responsible for the creation and innovation of many different products and services.  In order to scratch the surface and understand the complexity of this massive organization it is necessary to break the company down into various sections according to what product or service is provided to consumers. GE provides products for individuals and households.  Those same products may be produced on a commercial or industrial level serving communities or a larger segment of society.


GE’s home appliance line offers over 400 different products making it the largest appliance provider in the world These appliances include refrigerators, cooking ware, ovens, microwaves, air conditioners, air filtration systems, water filtration systems, and washers and dryers.  These products are useful to households across the world.  GE also offers many similar products for resturants.  The main difference is that these products are usually larger in size to accomodate the needs for resturants.


GE also offers various products in the field of aviation. GE offers an extensive line of aviation engines.  They produce commercial engines that are used in large passenger jets as well as smaller engines used in personal or business aircrafts.  GE provides our military with the F-110 engine that is used in F-16 fighter aircrafts.


Consumer electronics are also produced by GE.  Offering a wide range of computer accessories and home electrical products, GE provides consumers with their essential needs as well as their convenience and practical needs.  Many of their electrical products are the necessary components needed to provide a home with electricity. 


GE provides innovative energy technology that helps create cleaner and more efficient use of valuable resources.  They provide a wide line of emission reducing products that promote cleaner burning of coal.  GE also provides technology to harness the energy of the wind and the sun.  They do this through the use of photovoltaic modules and wind turbines.


GE provides advanced health care technology.  GE is leading the way in X-ray technology as well as molecular imaging.  They also provide portable ultrasound systems to serve people in remote areas of the world.


Different television networks are also provided by GE.  NBC, CNBC, NBC sports, Bravo, SCI-FI, and Telemundo are a few of the many broadcast networks that GE provides.  GE also owns Universal Pictures and Universal parks and resorts.  GE offers products as well as entertainment.


Oil and gas excavation is another aspect of GE that is crucial to society.  They offer advanced technology that allows them to drill for oil and gas while trying to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


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