GE’s Newsroom

December 3, 2008

GE’s Newsroom

GE offers a huge source of press releases in one area of their newsroom.  This webpage provides a tool that allows you to search for press releases by date, product group, or business group.   This is a user-friendly way for the public to access information they desire about the company. There is another section within GE’s newsroom that displays the ten most recent news stories that are focused on the company.  This feature is helpful because it helps guide viewers of the website to positive news coverage of GE.

There is another area of the newsroom that expresses GE’s viewpoints.  GE is such a massive organization that has business throughout the world.  For this reason, it is necessary for them to disclose their stance on certain issues with the public.  GE once again communicates openly and honestly with their public through this portion of their newsroom. The audio and video section of the newsroom provides a more interactive way of communicating with the public.  Streaming video is much more attractive than a long list of press releases.

At the end of every page in the newsroom, there is an icon that allows its viewers an opportunity to subscribe to a RSS feed.  A RSS feed is the most efficient way to communicate with people at all times.  If someone subscribes to this feed, they will have a constant and reliable source of information from GE.  Getting a customer to subscribe to a RSS feed should be the ultimate goal of any communication professional.  The quality of GE’s online newsroom reflects its outstanding reputation.







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