GE’s Publics and Customers

December 3, 2008


When thinking of publics an organization can usually narrow down their target market  to a particular demographic or socioeconomic characteristic.  GE is unique because it serves such a vast public.  GE reaches out to so many people across the globe that its public is extremely broad.  GE is known throughout the world and serves people that may have never purchased a GE product or service.  This is because so many of GE’s products benefit people indirectly through the final product they provide. 


GE has a numerous and diverse customer base.  GE’s customers  are vast and located in over 100 countries throughout the world.  One of GE’s largest customers is China.  GE believes that conducting business with China is mandatory due to the economic landscape of the world.  GE was also a sponsor of the Olympics in Beijing.


GE provides the components that are responsible for excavating oil and gas.  On top of providing these crucial components, GE also provides the industrial sized lighting  that allows drilling rigs, pipelines, and refineries to continue operations throughout the night.  Any large business that needs industrial lighting is also a customer of GE. 


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