Honors and Awards

December 3, 2008


General Electric received the U.S. State Department’s award for Corporate Citizenship in 2007.  GE received this award because of the extensive relief they provided to the tsunami victims of Indonesia.  GE provided over $800,000 to construct 147 houses in Banda Aceh.  The GE foundation matched donations by employees collecting $8 million dollars to donate to tsunami victims.  Overall GE provided over $20 million dollars in cash and goods to areas damaged by the tsunami.

GE subtly promoted their products and their overall image through their press release on November 6, 2007.  GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt elaborated on the extensive efforts to provide humanitarian relief:

            On behalf of our 1,600 employees in Indonesia and the others across the world, we are honored to receive this award, a reflection of how we continue to dedicate our expertise and resources in supporting the communities in which we operate,” said Mr. Immelt. “This award is an excellent example of how GE can help improve the quality of life for our citizens, our employees and our customers, as we bring to bear our culture of integrity and innovation in communities we serve.”

GE also mentioned the use of water purification technology and portable healthcare systems.  GE donated their portable x-ray units as well as portable ultrasound units.



In 2008 GE’s aviation team, the Green Hornets, received an environmental excellence award.  They were recognized for providing new aviation technology through the use of the F414 engines.  The engines are known for their noise reduction technology as well as their 40 percent reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. 

GE improves its image by once again promoting not only the strength of their products, but also by showing their environmental consciousness. 


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