A Glance at Photography

November 4, 2008


News University offers an incredibly helpful way for amateur photographers to learn the different elements involved in capturing images.  Sometimes a minor adjustment in a photograph can change the perspective of those who view the image.  Public relations practitioners should be very conscious of the images they place in various publications.  The content within the photograph has the ability to change one’s perception.  Photographs can be powerful and persuasive vehicles to carry your organization’s message.

News University stresses the importance of knowing the different elements of a photograph.  Each element creates an impact in the mind of the person viewing the image.  Often times a photographer will capture multiple elements in a photograph that will enhance the overall message that is being conveyed. 

A picture is worth a thousand words but how those “words” are perceived can greatly effect the central message of the photograph.  I have learned that a visual surprise element in a photograph is often associtated with humor.  If you want to express intense emotion through an image it is best to use images of human facial expressions.  Human facial expressions speak universally to those who view the image. Changing the point of view of a photograph can also have profound effects on the image produced. The goal is to use a combination of different elements to enhance the quality of your photograph.