Why work for GE?

December 3, 2008

I would really like to be employed by GE.  GE is one of the largest organizations in the world and they have a great reputation.  GE is an organization that realizes its need to serve people.  I want to work for a company that cares about people all across the globe. I want to work for a company that provides large amounts of money to ease human suffering.  I want to be part of GE beacuse it has such great influence over our world.

GE is one of the few corporations today that does not seem to be battered with corruption.  They genuinely care about the environment and strive to create efficent technology.  GE is an organization that makes me feel hopeful for the future.  GE represents the evolution of the human mind and spirit.  That is why I would be honored to work for GE.


GE’s Newsroom

December 3, 2008

GE’s Newsroom

GE offers a huge source of press releases in one area of their newsroom.  This webpage provides a tool that allows you to search for press releases by date, product group, or business group.   This is a user-friendly way for the public to access information they desire about the company. There is another section within GE’s newsroom that displays the ten most recent news stories that are focused on the company.  This feature is helpful because it helps guide viewers of the website to positive news coverage of GE.

There is another area of the newsroom that expresses GE’s viewpoints.  GE is such a massive organization that has business throughout the world.  For this reason, it is necessary for them to disclose their stance on certain issues with the public.  GE once again communicates openly and honestly with their public through this portion of their newsroom. The audio and video section of the newsroom provides a more interactive way of communicating with the public.  Streaming video is much more attractive than a long list of press releases.

At the end of every page in the newsroom, there is an icon that allows its viewers an opportunity to subscribe to a RSS feed.  A RSS feed is the most efficient way to communicate with people at all times.  If someone subscribes to this feed, they will have a constant and reliable source of information from GE.  Getting a customer to subscribe to a RSS feed should be the ultimate goal of any communication professional.  The quality of GE’s online newsroom reflects its outstanding reputation.






GE and the Groundswell

December 3, 2008


GE has created a blog in order to improve communications with their stakeholders.  Implementing social network technology is new for GE.  As of 2008, GE is officially tapping into the groundswell.  GE has a implemented a RSS feed and also has a twitter subscription.

GE is using blogs to communicate directly with investors.  GE used the blog to combat a potentially damaging rumor that they were going to cut dividends. I believe that offering a blog for stakeholders is an honest approach to informing those who have invested in the company.  I believe that it will be beneficial in the long run because GE is again showing they are not afraid to reveal their business practices.


Honors and Awards

December 3, 2008


General Electric received the U.S. State Department’s award for Corporate Citizenship in 2007.  GE received this award because of the extensive relief they provided to the tsunami victims of Indonesia.  GE provided over $800,000 to construct 147 houses in Banda Aceh.  The GE foundation matched donations by employees collecting $8 million dollars to donate to tsunami victims.  Overall GE provided over $20 million dollars in cash and goods to areas damaged by the tsunami.

GE subtly promoted their products and their overall image through their press release on November 6, 2007.  GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt elaborated on the extensive efforts to provide humanitarian relief:

            On behalf of our 1,600 employees in Indonesia and the others across the world, we are honored to receive this award, a reflection of how we continue to dedicate our expertise and resources in supporting the communities in which we operate,” said Mr. Immelt. “This award is an excellent example of how GE can help improve the quality of life for our citizens, our employees and our customers, as we bring to bear our culture of integrity and innovation in communities we serve.”

GE also mentioned the use of water purification technology and portable healthcare systems.  GE donated their portable x-ray units as well as portable ultrasound units.



In 2008 GE’s aviation team, the Green Hornets, received an environmental excellence award.  They were recognized for providing new aviation technology through the use of the F414 engines.  The engines are known for their noise reduction technology as well as their 40 percent reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. 

GE improves its image by once again promoting not only the strength of their products, but also by showing their environmental consciousness. 


When thinking of publics an organization can usually narrow down their target market  to a particular demographic or socioeconomic characteristic.  GE is unique because it serves such a vast public.  GE reaches out to so many people across the globe that its public is extremely broad.  GE is known throughout the world and serves people that may have never purchased a GE product or service.  This is because so many of GE’s products benefit people indirectly through the final product they provide. 


GE has a numerous and diverse customer base.  GE’s customers  are vast and located in over 100 countries throughout the world.  One of GE’s largest customers is China.  GE believes that conducting business with China is mandatory due to the economic landscape of the world.  GE was also a sponsor of the Olympics in Beijing.


GE provides the components that are responsible for excavating oil and gas.  On top of providing these crucial components, GE also provides the industrial sized lighting  that allows drilling rigs, pipelines, and refineries to continue operations throughout the night.  Any large business that needs industrial lighting is also a customer of GE.